Frequently Asked Questions
How do I log into
You can log into by directing your browser to The log in area is at the top right.

Publishers: Getting Started Part I - Adding Authors
To add authors to, select the Users tab from your dashboard. Then simply click the "New User" button, and set up a new author. Your author will receive an email inviting them to join

Publishers: Getting Started - Part II
Each book or contract that you work on will have a corresponding "Project" in One of the best ways to get started is to start adding some new projects.

How do I add new Document Types?
Most accounts come with multiple documents types, such as "Contracts" and "Statements". If you are an Account Administrator, you may add additional types by navigating to your Dashboard, and selected the "Document Types" tab. At the bottom of the tab, you will find the "New Document Type" button. Select this, then fill in the appropriate fields. This document type will now be available to your users.

How do I log out of
You can log out of by clicking "Log Out" at the top of any page.

What are "Promotional Tools"?
The Promotional Tools section, available through the menu at the top of the page, contains content created by Licensees for their Licensors. For example, Publishers may wish to create content, such as videos, to demonstrate to their authors best practices for promoting their books. They can create this content through their account, and make it available to their authors through the Promotional Tools section of the site.

How do I change my email address?
To change your email, simply log in, go to the "Profile" link near the top right of the screen, and then select edit profile near the bottom. Change your email address and save.

How do I logout of
You can log out of by clicking "Log Out" at the top of any page.

How can I see a list of all the documents and files associated with a licensee (e.g. an author, artist, etc.)?
You have two options. Option 1: - Pull up that author from the users tab (there is a search box below the list) - Click on the “View” link. Here you will find a list of all their documents. Option 2: - Go to the documents tab - Enter part of the authors name in the search box, at the bottom of the list. Press the search button.