The Author Portal is here! Any author can now have easy access to their title performance and a central location to store their contracts and manuscripts. Publishers can easily share this information with their authors, improving relationships while reducing costs and effort. Agents get the best of both worlds, interacting with both their publishers and their authors.

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Now there’s an Author Portal for everyone!

With, facilitate your communications with your publisher, making everyone more efficient and relaxed. You now have a central repository for your royalty statements, your contracts and amendments, your rights agreements, your manuscripts, etc. gives you the tools you need to collaborate effectively.


Access to your sales performance. Depending on your publishers’ technical setup, you can have access to your sales data online.

Be the first to get your royalty statements. Your publisher can upload your royalty statements directly into And if they use Royalty Tracker or any other compatible service, your statements will be available to you the moment they are completed.

Have all your royalty statements in one central location. No more filing paper statements. Have easy access to all your royalty statements for the entire history of your books in one place. Accessible from any web browser.

Share manuscripts and contracts with your publisher. You can post drafts, amendments, and any other important documents and they will be instantly available to your publishers (or not – your choice).

Peace of Mind

Never worry about your important publishing documents again. All your contracts, manuscripts and statements are stored in a secure data center in the cloud, backed up regularly and protected with the latest security. No more file cabinets or files scattered in many places.

And that's just to Start

We are just getting going. Over the next months, we plan to add lots of great new tools and resources to help you make the most of your work. Being an author is both a business and an art, and we will always look for the most effective ways to help you with both.

Our publishing customers tell us time and again that their author relationships are paramount. The big guys have been launching publisher author portals to bring their author relationships into the modern digital world. Now, thanks to, you have the best of both worlds – the quality relationships that you pride yourself in are combined with the most cutting edge author portal available.

And while improving your relationships, you will also save time and money while enhancing your brand.

Save Time and Money

Between the cost of postage, paper and ink, and the time it takes to print statements and match them to checks, mailing statements can easily incur $1 - $2 per author per royalty period.

By delivering your documents electronically, you eliminate that expense and save valuable human resources.

You also eliminate the inefficiencies of document management. Now all your key documents can be stored in a searchable repository, including contracts, manuscripts, artwork, etc.

Enhance Author Relationships

Your relationships revolve around the communication and service you provide to your authors. You can now leverage your own personal touch using the most cutting edge digital tools available. Bring your relationships into the 21st century with

Your authors will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of By providing them a convenient location to store all their important documents, as well as digital access to royalty statements and optionally to sales data, you show them their importance to you and your business.

Your work is all about relationships. The more efficiently you can add your own personal touch, the happier your clients will be.

With, you can seamlessly manage the cycle of relationships from author to publisher and back to author.


Manage all your important author and publisher documents in a central location. Get approval from your author on a contract amendment, and then easily share that same amendment with your publisher.

Same for manuscripts – as your authors submit their manuscripts to, you can selectively make them available to your publishers when you are ready.

And of course there are the royalty statements. No more challenges of forwarding your publisher statements to your authors. Your publishers can provide you their royalty statements online, and you in turn can make them available to your authors with minimal additional effort.


Agents are all about relationships. Give your authors the convenience and power of You will be providing them with a convenient repository for all of their important publishing documents and royalty statements.

No more keeping track of documents through emails and file folders. You can now easily share contracts and manuscripts with all involved parties, facilitating the relationship and enabling you to focus on the details of the deal.