Consolidating Sales Data Effortlessly
Written by Administrator Administrator on July 21st, 2015

Most companies receive sales data from multiple sources.  For example, a book publisher may receive monthly sales files from Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and so on.  A music licensing company may receive sales from iTunes, Harry Fox, ASCAP, BMI, etc. To have any practical use, these sales files must typically be consolidated into a single database.  This means aligning all the columns of each file so that they are in the same position, appending all the files together, converting currency when needed, and removing extraneous data.   When done manually, this process can take days of effort each month depending on the number and complexity of the files.

To help our customers optimize this aspect of the Royalty Management Life Cycle™, we developed our Sales Aggregation tool (available to subscribers of Many of our customers had voiced concern about the effort required to consolidate their sales files, that their current process doesn’t keep track of what files were received and when, and that the overall process was prone to human error.

MetaComet’s Sales Aggregation tool is very simple to use.  For each file you receive, simply inform the Sales Aggregator of the file type and upload the file, the Sales Aggregator does the rest; now all your files are stored in a central repository and all your data has been imported into a single, reportable sales database. Using AuthorPortal’s integration capabilities, you can easily share this data with other systems and people, such as Royalty Tracker.

In summary,’s Sales Aggregation tools saves hours of effort and mitigates the risk of this critical component of The Royalty Management Life Cycle ™.

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