What's New in AuthorPortal.com 2014.2
Written by Administrator Administrator on August 26th, 2014

Any day now you will notice some changes to AuthorPortal.com.  We are excited to introduce you to our latest release. This one is a little bigger than normal - we just couldn't help ourselves!  You gave us so many great suggestions and we wanted to squeeze in as many as we could.  Please keep the suggestions coming!

Here's a list of most of the things you will find in this latest release:

  • Ability to send emails to all your authors
    • Need to send a message to all of your authors?  Now you can.  Post the message as a "News" Entry, and select the new "Send to All Authors" check box.
  • Ability to comment on documents
    • In addition to sharing documents, you can now comment on them.  For example, if an author would like to change a term in the contract, rather than upload a new version, they can just add a comment and the publisher will receive an email.  
    • The comment threads are available for all owners and recipients of the document.
  • Ability to share documents globally with all of your authors
  • Author Questionnaire enhancements, including Project Level Questionnaires and Rich Text
    • Previously, there was only one author questionnaire per author.  If an author had multiple books, they would need to adjust the questionnaire for the latest book.  Now you can set up a questionnaire for their personal information, and then one for each project.
  • Customizable Email Text for New Authors and Added Documents
    • Optionally control the look of emails sent to authors when they are first signed up, and when they receive new documents or communications.
  • Private documents that aren’t shared with authors
    • Now you can post documents that are for internal use only.  If you are a publisher, you can save files that may only be needed internally.  As an author, you can save files, such as drafts, that you may not yet be ready to share with your publisher.
  • Assigning a Primary Contact to Projects
    • Publishers can now indicate who is the "owner" of a project, directing communications related to that project to that person.
  • More interactive help
    • Look at all the new bubbles!
  • Improvements to User Interface
    • Thank you for your feedback!  Hopefully things are even easier to use.
  • Contract Term Integration with Royalty Tracker
  • Improved Author Contact Integration with Royalty Tracker
  • Bug Fixes

We also made a few changes behind the scenes.

We hope you enjoy the changes.  And stay tuned for a lot more to come.

Finally, we welcome suggestions.  Please email us at info@metacomet.com with ideas for enhancements or new features.

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